Restorations (Pinball - Pictures)
You will need a digital camera and a fairly large memory stick. I take an average of 200 pictures before and during the teardown. I use the highest resolution on my camera. I do this so I can zoom in on a section if I need to see details. Also, make sure you take pictures from multiple angles. There are lots of parts on a pinball machine that you can only see from one side, the more pictures the better. Also, as you are taking ramps and assemblies off of your machine you will reveal parts you can’t normally see. Take pictures of your progress. I load the pictures as I go on a laptop and keep the laptop nearby my main table. I also use the laptop to listen to the XM comedy channel while I work.


pinball playfield swap pictures
Some of the pictures I've taken

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Removing Head Connectors
Removing Playfield
Removing Parts (Top)
Removing Parts (Bottom)
Mid Project
Cleaning Parts - Wiring Harness
Cleaning Parts - Coils
Cleaning Parts - Assemblies
Cleaning Parts - Re-graining
Cleaning Parts - Circuit Boards
Cleaning Parts - Ramps
Play Testing