Restorations (Pinball - Parts Cleaning - Wiring Harness)
Wiring Harness

So you are waiting on your parts or your playfield if you sent it out, it’s a good time to clean and rebuild everything. I start with the wiring harness. Even on new games the wiring harness gets very dirty and will need to be cleaned. I remove all of the bulbs and throw them away. I take the wiring harness to the utility room and spray it with a degreaser. Bleche White and White Lightening are my two favorites. Let the degreaser soak in for a couple of minutes then rinse the harness with very hot water. Turn the harness over and repeat the process. I use a brush on some parts and generally agitate the whole harness.

You can also put the harness into a tub, fill it with very hot water to cover, and use Dawn dish soap. Let the harness soak in the tub for a couple of minutes and agitate it to help get the dirt out. With either process make sure you rinse the harness thoroughly many times. You don’t want any residual cleaning solution left on any of the parts. Once I’m done I take the harness and hang it next to the furnace in the winter or hang it outside in the summer. It usually doesn’t take long to completely dry it.


dirty pinball wiring harness
A filthy Twilight Zone Wiring Harness

clean pinball wiring harness
Monopoly harness after cleaning

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