Restorations (Playfield Swap - Start)
I’m going to take you through the steps I follow when restoring pinball machines. Forgive me if I miss something as I am doing this from memory. There are lots of ways to restore pinball machines, this is just the methodology I follow.

The first thing you need to do is prepare a space to work on the machine. I have a 7’ table that I use to hold the playfield and rotisserie. I also have a 4’ table that I use to organize the parts I remove from the machine. I also have a portable cart that holds a Craftsman tool box, Stanley organizers, and misc cleaners and parts. I try to keep the tools well organized so I don’t have to hunt for the tool I need. I also use a number of small containers to hold screws, posts, and springs. I try to keep them organized by what they are used for.


pinball playfield swap
My work table

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Removing Head Connectors
Removing Playfield
Removing Parts (Top)
Removing Parts (Bottom)
Mid Project
Cleaning Parts - Wiring Harness
Cleaning Parts - Coils
Cleaning Parts - Assemblies
Cleaning Parts - Re-graining
Cleaning Parts - Circuit Boards
Cleaning Parts - Ramps
Play Testing