Restorations (Pinball - Mid Project)
Now you should have a playfield with no assemblies, a pile of parts, a dirty wiring harness, and a cabinet with just a few items in it. I will cover cabinet restoration in another guide. This is the point where I go over my list of the parts I might need. Some of the parts include:

Coil tubes
Flipper parts (usually plunger, link, and stop)
Pop bumper skirts and possibly bodies (The skirts are usually worn)
Light Bulbs (I replace all bulbs)
Rubbers (I buy bulk rubbers but the kits work fine. Just be aware the kits are usually missing a post and the odd rubber due to the manual being incorrect)
Mylar (for pop bumpers and sheet Mylar to protect the shooter lane.)
Star posts (they can be washed but some are so dirty it’s not worth it)

Screws – I hear of people putting all of their screws in a tumbler. I don’t like this for two reasons. First, if you get one odd, longer, screw you take a chance of driving it through the top of the playfield. Nothing will make you sicker than screwing up a beautiful, and possibly very expensive, playfield. Second, screws are cheap. I go to Menards and buy 500 brand new screws and nuts for approximately three bucks. I buy 200 #6 ½”, 100 #6 3/8”, misc lock nuts (#6, #8, #10.) Terry, from, also sells bulk screws and bolts if you don’t have a good hardware store nearby.

Place your parts orders immediately. I keep a lot of what I listed on hand. It saves me time and I need a spare part every now and then.


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