Restorations (Pinball - Parts Cleaning - Coils)

This tip is from Bryan Kelly. Put a couple of inches of water in utility tub with Dawn detergent. Soak the coils in the tub and use your fingers and a toothbrush to clean any hard to remove grime. This usually only takes fifteen minutes or so. Make sure to dry the coils extremely well before you hook them back up. Water and high voltage are not good together.

NOTE: This DOES NOT work with Stern coils. Stern coils appear to use a water based adhesive for the coil covers. You can soak the coils but the wrappers will come off. If you are quick you can dip a Stern coil in the soapy water and use a wash cloth to quickly clean it. Make sure you dry it quickly and if the paper comes loose you can re-wrap it and it should stick.

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dirty pinball coils
Dirty Twilight Zone Coils

clean pinball coil
A clean coil

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