Twilight Zone Pinball, Pinball Restoration, Video Games, Video Game Restoration, sales, wanted, williams, bally, stern, atari, sega, namco
Twilight Zone Pinball, Pinball Restoration, Video Games, Video Game Restoration, sales, wanted, williams, bally, stern, atari, sega, namco

My Pinball Machines
Twilight Zone
Machine History

This was the first pinball machine I bought. I did no research on the seller and chose one who was close to keep shipping costs low. As my Indiana Jones machine says, "You chose poorly." I bought the machine from Kirk Weaver (eBay kaweaver). The auction said the machine was in great shape and had no playfield wear. I was extremely disappointed when I received the machine with a huge divot, three inches, below the slot machine entrance. Someone did an absolutely horrible touchup job and after a few plays the new paint was coming off on the ball. The machine had a slew of mechanical problems too. Looking back I'm glad the machine was in this condition. It forced me to jump in and learn how to repair pinball machines. I repaired all of the mechanical issues and the machine played well.

The next thing I needed to do was to repair the horrible painting job on the playfield. I did some paint work and it looked pretty good. I decided to try something a little different, I had someone take a hi-resolution picture of their good playfield and I made a decal. The decal was so close to the original that no one ever commented on it until I told them.

One day on the RGP newsgroup Chad Keller posted an ad for a few NOS playfields. One of them was a Twilight Zone playfield clear coated by Playfield Renovations. I spent too much money and bought it. The playfield was not dimpled or drilled and that was just a blast (sarcasm). I made a template using transparency film and hand-punched the dimples. Drilling an almost irreplaceable piece of wood does make me sweat a bit, but it came out great. I cleaned every single part before I re-installed them on the new playfield. I re-cut all the wires and solder them myself. I do a much better job of soldering than the average person routing pins. A couple of tweaks here and there and the machine is awesome. The next thing I need to tackle of this machine is to refurbish the cabinet with new decals. I leave those jobs for spring and fall when I can actually spray lacquer without killing my dog.

My Thoughts on the Machine

Before I started collecting pinball machine I had always loved Twilight Zone. The sheer number of toys in the machine is amazing. The modes are all interesting. The Powerball even keeps great players on their toes. The machine has been voted number one time and again by pinball collectors. I still love mine. Someone would have to offer me a boatload of cash to sell this one. If I did I would just look for another one to fix up ;-)

Additional Images

Ready to start
Closeup of the old populated playfield
The cabinet was a little dirty
So was the underside of the playfield
The wires arent all supposed to be grey...
The new playfield
Hand dimpled
Good start on a cleaner cabinet (more to come)
Underside of finished playfield
Nice shot of populated new playfield
Nice closeup shot of new playfield

More pictures soon.

A picture of my twilight zone pinball machine