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My Pinball Machines
Lord of the Rings
Machine History

I purchased this machine NIB (new in box) from Jim Thorton at Icon Amusements in Chicago. The cabinet was in great shape for a Stern machine, no dings or paint smudges. Everything worked from the start. I added the modified post to the ring shot ramp. I also removed the sword and polished it. I did add one modification to it, the Palantir multicolored LED. It creates a very cool effect and is easily removed.

My Thoughts on the Machine

Let me start by saying I love medieval themes. I played Dungeons and Dragons when I was young and most recently was addicted to World of Warcraft (recovering.) The vast number of modes always keeps me coming back for more. Destroy the Ring is timed. Even though you've beaten it a hundred times before you can always get a better time. Then there's Valinor, at least thats what people tell me >.> Valinor is the wizard mode on this machine. You have to beat all of the other modes, no simple task. Then you are treated to Valinor. I haven't seen the mode yet and I refuse to cheat. I want to see it when I beat the damn machine, some day. Lord of the Rings runs a very close second to Twilight Zone as my favorite game of all time.

Additional Images

Pretty lights

Picture of my Lord of the Rings machine