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My Pinball Machines
Indiana Jones - The Pinball Adventure
Machine History

I purchased this machine as a container pin from Chip W. in Grand Rapids. The machine had all sorts of problems and some very interesting modifications. Like most IJ machines the sides were bleached to a very light yellow. The playfield was in decent shape though and I knew everything else could be fixed. I shopped the machine and it was extremely dirty. I installed a NOS set of plastics and new temple ruins. I had to fix a number of electronic issues and I replaced the completely hacked ball through. The machine played well.

A few months later Marc B. advertised a NOS playfield that had been clear coated by Bill Davis. I bought the playfield and a few other parts from him and started the restoration. I stripped everything from the playfield. I cleaned all of the parts and assemblies. I replaced a lot of parts that were too far gone. I sanded the cabinet completely down then painted it with a semi-gloss black lacquer. I sprayed the sides of the cabinet white and installed IPD decals that look great. I sprayed all of the bolts gold which really looks nice on this machine. I wanted to install gold hardware but couldn't find a good source to plate the parts. A friend suggested that I have them powder coated. I took them to a local power coating shop and they thought it was a cool project. The parts were coated gold and then with a clear. The gold didn't turn out as nice as I had expected. It looks more like a mustard gold. It is very durable but I will eventually have everything gold plated.

My Thoughts on the Machine

People either seem to love or hate this machine. I think it really depends on how the particular machine is setup. This machine requires that a number of components work flawlessly to enjoy the game. The first is the mode dish. If the mode dish is not setup properly balls will kick out and you can't start new modes. Modes are the main key to the fun of this machine. The second is the Path of Adventure. This little beast can be difficult to get tweaked just right. You have to be able to instantly drop the ball to the right or left. If you can't there is no way to complete it for the extra ball or one of the modes. I have had a number of people who didn't like the machine play mine and they were surprised at how much they enjoyed it.

I love the modes, video modes, and who wouldn't love a billion point shot. The machine is a pain in the butt to get setup right, but once you are done it's a machine you can really enjoy.

Additional Images

Before Restoration - Cabinet

More pictures soon.

A Picture of my Indiana Jones Machine