Sega Daytona 2 arcade game, Pinball Restoration, Video Games, Video Game Restoration, sales, wanted, williams, bally, stern, atari, sega, namco
Sega Daytona 2 arcade game, Pinball Restoration, Video Games, Video Game Restoration, sales, wanted, williams, bally, stern, atari, sega, namco

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Sega Daytona 2 Battle on the Edge & Power Edition
Machine History

I bought these two machines from a local op. The machines came with a 30 day warranty which would sooner than later prove valuable. The machines were delivered on a Friday. I powered up both machine and immediately noticed the sound was off. The machines have four channel surround sound and neither machine worked properly. I also asked the technician why the subwoofers weren’t working. The machines are supposed to have subwoofers built into the seats that rumble when you crash. The technician said, “You don’t have any subs in the seats, look.” I looked were he was pointing and indeed no subs. A few weeks later the sound problems were resolved.

About a month later I was cleaning the machines, something ops never do well. When I was cleaning the mechanical parts of a seat adjuster I found a subwoofer. The sub was mounted up in the seat, it was attached, but the sound was just barely audible. I contacted the op and told him the technician was wrong and the subs were indeed in the machines but weren’t working properly. They agreed to try and fix them. They removed the low pass amplifiers from the machines and decided to replace the main amplifier chips on the boards. Same result, no audible sound. At this point the technician wanted to leave the boards in the machine. I asked him to do further troubleshooting because I had talked to people who owned Daytona 2 machines and they all said the subs were cool.

I contacted Ken Westerfield at Advanced Repair Center ( Ken worked for Sega and will do board level work on the advance Sega systems. He gave me some troubleshooting tips and also said there was a flaw, of sorts, with those systems. It seems Sega decided not to provide a volume control for the sub woofers in the seat and instead shared the rear speaker volume control. The problem is that when you turn the volume up high enough to hear the sub the rear speakers are hurting your ears. I thought we had tested for this before but couldn't verify since the amps weren't in the machines.

The technician came back out and re-installed the low pass amplifiers and the subs worked. We had to turn the rear volume way up like Ken suggested but IT WORKED! I would still swear I tried this, but I've been wrong before =D My next step will be to install a volume control specifically for the subs. Ken gave me this tip and it should do the trick.

My Thoughts on the Machine

I think it’s widely accepted that Sega has always had the best driving games. They manage to mix the fun factor and realism perfectly. The original Daytona machines are the perfect example of this. I chose Daytona 2 because the graphics and sound are much better than the original machine. There is also the added bonus of being able to install different games in the same cabinet just by changing the ROMs. Sega made a number of games using the same platform, Dirt Devils, Sega Rally 2, Sega GT, and Emergency Call Ambulance.


A picture of my sega daytona 2 arcade game